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Frequently Asked Questions

Ten minutes with my mother answering your questions about living "off the grid".

Did living off the grid ever let you down?

No, because when our neighbors were without power we always had an abundance of power.

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Does the location of a home make a difference in the amount of power you can expect from wind and solar power?

Generally, the location of your home should be inspected and approved to ensure it will be suitable for a complete wind and power system installation.

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Do you think this is the way we are headed in the future?

Of course having experienced the benefits of living independently with no bills except a phone bill, I would surely suggest that we consider wind power and solar power as a fine alternative.

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In comparison to living on the grid what were the best parts of living off the grid?

We always had power! Our system was designed in such a way that when we were not getting wind or solar, a backup generator would provide for our energy needs. In my experience, the wind tower did require yearly maintenance in which we checked the tower for loose bolts.

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What appliances did you run?

Every appliance you would need in a normal house including hair blower, dish washer, coffee maker, refrigerator, freezer, and toaster.

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